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There are no scars of peace Below are the 10 most recent journal entries recorded in the "A Printed E-Mail Folded Twice" journal:

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November 8th, 2016
10:44 am


Hooray for the long form
Long form thought is the best.

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November 6th, 2016
12:03 am


Time flies and it's cringe worthy.
Reset password and new profile picture and wouldn't you know it, I'm back. A nice change from the constant stream that is that other monolithic social media platform. So since I'm back let's play a quick game of catch up (a catch up to all 0 of you because, really, who is still here?):

- Married since 2011. We're awesome together.
- After much deliberation, in the summer of 2013 I decided to make a career change which is to become a full time firefighter. It's a long road as it takes, on average 5 years, to get hired. Still at it.

I mean really, that's it. The two biggest bullet points. I could talk about more, like spending a full month in China in 2005, or watching my grandfather's winter years pass by in love and laughter or having wonderful adventures in London. But I'll save those for another time when you and I meet again and decide to swap life stories and lessons for whiskey and hot wings.

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August 16th, 2009
07:48 pm


Mogwai&apos;s view

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July 2nd, 2009
07:20 pm


Update 30030043234
- Redoing Evangelion?!?!? Maybe it won't suck. (pause) Oh wait, it's Evangelion! It already sucks!
- Got an iPhone. Can't put it down. Thinking of jailbreaking it. I think I had a girlfriend at one point, but there's no app for that.
- Riding the bus is great. Save money, sleep on my commute, watch people pick their nose while driving.
- Give me non-temp status!

Filter your tap water

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Current Music: We Stand Alone - Covenant

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April 8th, 2009
10:11 pm


One of the best things about her:
She makes fun of people and they still buy her drinks.

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December 6th, 2008
10:51 pm


Ok, so according to the Livejournal count, I have not updated in 39 weeks, which I think is some sort of record although I don't keep count. So, if you're interested this is what i've been up to:

- I have a wonderful girlfriend and she is all that I could ever want.
- As of november 28, 2008 I am 25... this has no bearing to my post other than the fact that only 2 people (outside my family and my girlfriend) wished me happy birthday, Nate and Mike.
- Repo: The Genetic Opera, Quantum of Solace, and other such movies thst came out this year are wonderful movies to be viewed by all. Ask me for other opinions if you are so inclined.
- This year i have been to Las Vegas more times than my entire life. That place is awesome and if you have the chance, go to Pho Kim Long for the most awesome CRACK WINGS that you will ever taste.
- My family life is normal.
- While my Video Game tester job is awesome, the industry is fickle and I have to start thinking about stability in the workplace.
- Gears of War 2, Fable 2, Halo 3, Ikaruga, Mercs 2, GTA 4, and other such games to have come out this year are awesome. I suggest all of you out there in livejournal land play them ( which may be -1 of you).
- My next trip to the Oly, WA area will be some time in the spring of 09 and I will be bringing my fiance with. I suggest you be there or else.
- Read the Ender's Game comic adaptation after you have read the book. OMG, Ender looks almost how I imagined him.
- I have had a lot of gay exposure so much so that I question myself sometimes...
- Brant, you need to call me.

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Current Music: Joe Buck

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March 3rd, 2008
07:23 pm


Today on Jeopardy one of the categories was titled "Jesus." "I'll take Jesus for a $1000, Alex." was the winning bid.

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January 3rd, 2008
12:23 am


How can I recap 2007?

Well, for one, everything looks better in hindsight. I'm sure at this point, no matter where I end up, from whence I came will seem like such a far better place. So because of this revelation, I shall remain here for some time until something (hopefully of my choosing) provocative comes my way.

No matter how hard I try, I can't escape the clutches of the evil High Fructose Corn Syrup Monster. That son of a bitch is every where, even where you least expect it.

Mayonnaise was another one. Ewww...

It was nice to talk to another post graduate who was just as confused as I am / was.

More about where I came from ( in terms of genetics) was revealed this year. Now I must choose weather to blame my problems on myself or my parents. One is so much easier than the other.

Movies of 2007 that I saw.Collapse )

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December 24th, 2007
02:13 am


An interesting observation today. I ran into an old friend from junior high and she referred to me as "A guy I dated years ago," rather than, "Someone i knew." I chatted a bit with Misty and her friend, but inevitably drove them away. This time by stating that their "Iced Green Tea" was mostly High-fructose corn syrup.

Question: Would you rather live a life where you constantly wake up in a random Twilight Zone episode or have eyes like a fly but one side was color blind?

Our salad dressing has high fructose corn syrup

I have one cut on my finger, three open sores on my knuckles, and two blisters on my hand. One could draw two conclusions from this: Either I'm very bad at "handling" myself, or I've been working quite hard.

Our ketchup packets have High-fructose corn syrup.

Eastern Promises was a great film. When asked what he thought, my friend Mike agreed it was great cinema but he "Could have done without the Viggo high kicks" during the fight in the bathhouse.

Can a man love a robot woman? (Twilight reference). Rod Serling should have done an episode in which Aliens gives mankind High-fructose corn syrup as a means to ending world strife but, because of the seedy nature of man, we used it for evil.

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November 14th, 2007
01:43 am


The Bold and the beautiful often go hand in hand. So, who is ready to fill the void?
I have no idea why i just wrote that, but it happened.

Small update:

For one, I think people should go out and seek this little movie called Idiocracy. Some what of a tragic movie that could possibly be a foreshadow for humanity.

Currently I'm unemployed and looking for some sort of job that is legit and doesn't require me to solicit donations (that was one long day).

I must learn to restrain myself.
I must get a job.

One last thing. My little brother's band is opening for The Killers at an event filled with "industry" people.

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